Monday, December 1, 2008

what on earth is a BUCKEYE BALL ??!!!!

Okay, for those who have e-mailed me asking what a BUCKEYE BALL is {other than a tidbit sized heart attack waiting to happen, that is}, here is a list of the ingredients:

Peanut Butter (smooth, not chunky)
Powdered Sugar
Paraffin Wax

I am not kidding. There is PARAFFIN WAX in these things. Well, ON them, anyway, all glommed in there with the melted chocolate. It helps the chocolate harden nicely. Yes, and if you add a wick, and give them with a book of matches, your friends can light themselves up this holiday season. ;-) {or am I displaying my ignorance here? is there paraffin wax in candles? or not? hmmm ...}

apparently, the making of Buckeye Balls is a laughter-filled experience. Here, Victoria is having a grand old time, just getting started.

thank goodness for the Pampered Chef measure thing-a-ma-bob thing. it makes quick & easy work of getting the PB measured AND into the pan ...

Seriously, that is all that is in these little goobers. They are tasty. It's like making home-made Reese's ...

in case you've never seen butter and peanut butter MELTING and MELDING, this is a nice little illustration ...

Victoria and I had fun making 'em, and they are now {far as I know, anyway} locked up in the vault {again, I am NOT kidding} up the Lane, where Victoria rents the cute little cottage. Don't even ask why that property has a vault. It's walk-in, by the way. DON'T ASK, like I said.

V, rolling rolling rolling ... how 'bout those Balls?

If you really cannot live without the recipe, we might be persuaded to part with it. Of course, anyone with any connection to the Buckeye state of OHIO was born with the recipe imprinted in their brain, so you can just ask them to recite it from the heart.

Happy holidays.

my Rock Star, wondering what on earth could be cuter than HIMSELF,

and trying to figure out just how to get us to DROP a Ball or two his way ... and wearing his ANTI-BARK collar since he thought if he barked at us, we might be shaken up enough to do just that !!!

-- Davielle

BY THE WAY, I did totally forget to mention the other day that our Limoncello-Buckeye Balls extravaganza was all PREFACED with the making of V's father's terrific CHEESECAKE on Wednesday night ... that's what Victoria brought to my brother's house on Thanksgiving, and I am here to tell you - thank God there wasn't a bite left over, 'cause I would be posting this from the local Weight Watcher's WARD ... you know, where they unstoppable go to spend the holiday season? As my friend Karyl might think to say right about now ... BUUUUURRRRRPPPPP !!!! {oooh, gross}


CalBuckeye said...

Being an Ohio gal and all- I could not resist adding that you are missing an ingredient Davi - vanilla! And oh it really should be only the real stuff not the imitation flavoring. Also no need really to measure for those of us native Ohioans - you just kind of add it all together until it has the right consistency - a stiff peanut butter dough that you can role into balls -as no matter how much you end up making, they WILL get eaten. By the way I also add just a pinch of sea salt...Bon Apetito! -Vickie

CalBuckeye said...

...and one last thing. In Ohio we would never call them "balls". They are simply Buckeyes or maybe Buckeye candies...resembling the non-edible, poisonous nut that grows on the Buckeye trees -and the famous mascot of The Ohio State University. :*D By the way did you know Calif has buckeye trees? They look quite different though -as they are lighter in color and HUGE! I kid you not. - Vickie

DH 2Travelers said...

Vickie - so do yours include the WAX in the CHOCOLATE? Lyn's worried that you've been feeding her PARAFFIN all this time ;-) !!! You DO melt the butter & peanut butter in a pan over low heat, right? THEN add the PS? I'd like to compare recipes -- ANN, we want YOUR version, too. -- Davi