Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oh, I get by ...

... with a little help from my friends. GONNA TRY, with a little help from my friends.
It's true ... I challenged my friend Ann to a CLUTTER CLEARING PROJECT yesterday - and I have to admit, ROUND ONE goes to ... ANN !!! Visit her blog to see her BEFORE and AFTER shots ... so you can compare them to ... mine.

In all fairness, I promised Ann I would photograph MY messy desk & library table -- those were my stated objectives yesterday. I, however, carried mine over into TODAY and I'm still not finished.
First, my Library Table - on Wednesday:

and my Library Table, this evening:

Next, my computer space, on Wednesday:

and that same spot / pile - this evening:

and NO, I did not just squish the paperwork BENEATH the book - no, I did not.
But boy, is the RIGHT SIDE of my desk ... a bit of an eyesore still:

anyone got a match?!

Oh well, that's what a good CHALLENGE is all about, right? Every contest must have a winner.
Ann is THIS week's Clutter Clearing Challenge Winner -- hands down. BRAVO, Ann - you did it!
I have to say, though, I am thrilled with the progress I have made -- because not only was I working to clear the table & my desk, but I have a huge recycling trash bin right here in my office. Don't believe me? PHOTO TO PROVE THAT WHAT I AM SAYING IS TRUE:

The Big Blue Behemoth ... and the Box of Magazines for the Doctor's Waiting Room

If anyone else out there has some CLUTTER that needs CLEARING, we invite you to join our Challenge Group. {or in MY case, make that just "challenged" !!}

You know, if my husband's ex (wife) wasn't such an incredibly neat & tidy housekeeper, I wouldn't have so much angst over this ... stuff. And Jen reads my blogs, so it's not like it's a big secret in our very extended family -- we know each other's strengths - AND weaknesses. LOVE YA, Jen, and I love that you read my blog so regularly. ;-)
{of course, there's still the OTHER thing my husband still admires about his ex ... her physique ... dang ... it's hard to catch a break sometimes! but that's a whole 'nother story}

Here's hoping Mark will stop raining on my HAPPY parade {you know, the Parade where I pretend to be Princess Magpie and I make Christmas cards - THAT is my Happy Place lately}, and that he'll "get" how much progress this really is for me.
-- D.
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ann said...

It's not about winning or losing - it's how you play the game - there would've been no game, if not for you!
I'm blessed that you play with me.
Spaces are looking AWESOME!