Wednesday, December 10, 2008

No, I didn't fall off the planet ...

... just been busy!

I will soon post an update on the Victoria & Davi OPERATION LIMONCELLO project.

Suffice it to say that tonight, we are much relieved and very very very happy with the results of our "finishing off" process and the bottling of the hooch. Er, limoncello. It is the most radiant shade of YELLOW, it's like sunshine & lemons in a bottle. Photos WILL follow. {and by the way - it no longer smells like jet fuel ... no, really, it's got a fresh scent - and NO, it doesn't smell like lemon Pledge, either}

And my Christmas Card Project -- all 120 of them -- are complete! Woo hoo.

All told, last night was a magnificent finale to two major holiday projects with my dear friend and, fortunately, our neighbor ... Victoria.

Right now, Mark's got a house full as he entertains the Board & Staff of the local lagoon conservancy that he serves as a board member. The kitchen smells heavenly with all their contributions, and they all seem to be having a nice time -- so I stepped away to get a quick blog post in.

-- D.

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