Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's ALL about the dress

I have to admit, I'm a sucker for a happy-looking couple:

But what I wanted to mention tonight was this: at the end of a momentous day for the 44th President of these United States, what it all comes down to is ... IT'S ALL ABOUT THE DRESS.
Ladies, you know what I mean. {And I have no intention of being "mean", by the way, so if you're looking for me to "dish" on our new First Lady, sorry ... can't do it. It's just not good form, because it's just not nice.}
And I must say, I think that First Lady Michelle Obama's white ballgown tonight says more than just "I'm headed to a Ball ..."

No, what I'm hearing is "I am the one all eyes will be on tonight, waiting for a mis-step - or a Quick Step - and I'd better have the gown that is edgy, yet sweet; flattering and a little bit flirty, yet tasteful; and my gown better not cost the world, because right now, the world is in a world of hurt."

With her white gown by designer Jason Wu, FLMO is saying ALL that, and more.

not sure what the dress is "saying" in this photo, but it must have been funny!

Could she have chosen a gown that was more sophisticated? Less "embellished"? Of course. Could she have gone with those near-signature jewel tones that people are crazy about on her? Sure. But in going white (they say it's "cream", but I'm not buying it), she again made her own statement tonight. Some are already criticizing her choice because they've seen her "tugging" on it ... okay, so she didn't practice all those entrances and dances in the dress first. Give her a break! It's been a very long day, ladies.

And what First Lady hasn't grown into her own sense of style (fashion, hair, you name it) throughout her tenure in The White House? They ALL could use a stylist from the get-go, and maybe FLMO already has one ... but I'd venture to guess that right now, she's still very much her very own -- woman.
I mean, take a look for yourself - her husband can't keep his eyes off her!

What more does a ballgown need to say?!

-- DH

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