Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Overdue Updates

Friends and Family,
As ever, I thank you for your sweet patience and loving understanding when I cannot update my blog/s. As 99% of you are aware, I have been what is called a "migraineur" for 47 of my 50 years, and when the big ones hit, they hit so freaking hard ... dang. One never, ever gets used to that sort of pain; trust me.
So here's where I've been lately. Yesterday marked DAY TEN out of the last FOURTEEN (not consecutive) of a migraine. And it was K I L L E R.

Today, I am the proud holder of an APPT with a headache specialist right here in Encinitas, for next week. Thank God !!! Why it's taken me this long to FIND a headache specialist is the topic for either another VERY LONG POST, or it's very own blog.

So as to not bore you with more gory details of my headaches, the NEXT UPDATES I owe everyone is that ... so much has been happening, I can barely keep up :-) ...

I have photos from Trevor's baseball tourny out in Cathedral City, from MLK weekend. Hope to post more -- eventually.

That same weekend, we were out in Borrego for Mark's (cycling) training camp weekend - an annual event. One pic here of Marky Mark on Montezuma Grade, Monday morning:

BOLT, the little rat terrier pup that is Rocky's niece -
found an excellent home! Yay for Bolt !!!

I started my Mixed Media (art) class with local artist, an amazing woman - Jane LaFazio - on Monday (Jan 26), and discovered that a lifelong friend of Mark's is in my class :-) -- and there is a darling gal who recently moved to San Diego in class with the same last name as me: Huffman. CLASS IS FULL, with twenty students, and it's going to be such fun. I will post photos and notes on my other blog, -- soon. But here's a little teaser:

Our GE Monogram refrigerator, the beast, is still giving us lots of trouble -- this photo was taken after the 17th home visit (I am NOT kidding, nor am I exaggerating) since early September:

One just has to adjust one's grocery shopping forays to account for all the FOOD LOSS one is going to likely suffer -- freezer burn is one, and ice cream melt is the other -- if they don't get it right!

And a couple of weeks ago, my fun friend & neighbor, Victoria, started her very own batch of homemade Limoncello -- and I just helped with the final steps & bottling of her brew -- it turned out beautiful and a little creamy in color ... it's gorgeous. Photo here, 'cause it's the most recent I took.

That's all, folks ...

-- Davielle

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