Friday, January 30, 2009

My Day at CCI

Thursday was wonderful ... I helped served lunch to the group going through Team Training at CCI-Southwest {Oceanside campus} with my friends, Lyn and Willie, Ann and Vickie {and Ann's friend, Janet}. It was so much fun, and lunch was delicious!

first things first: Willie & Frazier are raising yet another pup for CCI - this is GARDEN. isn't she adorable?!

and our good friend Lance, with his service dog Satine, joined us for lunch. Here he is, surrounded by his girls !!!

So here's Ann, Vickie {behind Ann, in yellow}, Lyn, and Ann's friend Janet {near the sink}

and this is Vickie, working her magic {?!} over the sandwiches {what IS she doing?!}

and ... dessert. the BIGGEST fresh strawberries and Willie's yummiest creme-de-menthe brownies -- which Todd won't let us come near CCI without

So -- we had SO MUCH FUN. I know it always brings a smile {back} to my heart, whenever I can spend time at CCI, with my CCI friends, doing things for CCI, whatever the case may be.
Big sigh, of gratitude,
-- Davielle

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Lyn said...

I find I get as much from CCI as the puppies do. I always look forward to our CCI-TT Lunch events....Lyn