Saturday, January 3, 2009


San Diego Chargers - freaking ROCK the NFL this evening with a big fat win over the Indianapolis Colts. {sorry, "grand" Trevor}
5' 6" / 180 pounds - Darren Sproles is MVP again for San Diego --

And call me the mossy one that just crawled out from under a rock, but WHO KNEW
that Antonio Gates was movie-star handsome?!

Football just doesn't get much better than a Wild Card Game WIN in OVERTIME !!!
Football Love from your worn out blogger,
-- Davielle

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Darcy said...

Go Chargers! I had asked my daughter to record the game since we planned to go up to Big Bear for the day...She thought she had it recorded but when we got up this morning...there was no game! We sat in traffic going up the mountain and coming down the mountain...Never again! The kids did have a good time sledding and having a buffalo wings taste test...We're on a quest to find the best and hottest...So far a place up in Mammoth has won.
We will definitely be watching the Chargers next week!
Darcy from Carlsbad