Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Walking, Walking, Walking

So I was getting it from all fronts -- my doctor; THE MIGRAINE BRAIN (book); my acupuncturist; my husband; my friends; THE WRITING DIET (Julia Cameron's book) ... all fingers were pointing at ONE THING to improve my health:

WALKING. Taking regular walks.

So - I started yesterday.

Rocky accompanied me on 1/13 and we did 1.4 miles in 40 minutes (we had to stop every few posts & bushes for Rock Star to 'take care of business').

{I park here and walk south - then back}

TODAY I walked 2 miles, sans Rocky, in 40 minutes -- and on the way 'out', I counted the steps (then doubled it for an approximate count): 4,000 total !!! Yay.

{and this is the view where I walk ... and this week, with a Santa Ana and temperatures reaching 80 here on the Coast ... it looked JUST LIKE THIS}

On the way home, I felt so good, I stopped to gas up & have the car washed, then stopped in to visit the CATS and KITTENS at The Rescue House 'facility' within our local Petco. HEAVEN.

Blood pressure normally WAY LOW -- today, almost non-existent. I'd better be careful how many endorphins I get flowing - my BP could drop to -0- !!

More updates to come. PLS POST A COMMENT to cheer me on. Please.

-- D.

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Lyn said...

Way to go Davi....!!! Keep it up girl. I love my early AM walk with Ronie every morning. You should try the Encinitas Ranch trail behind your house.