Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I had plans to drive a bit north today to spend time with three lovely women, making Christmas cards. Yes, in JUNE. We also thought we might make some other all-occasion cards, so it wasn't totally going to be an out-of-season kind of a day.

here are some cards I made in Nov 2008 for last years' Christmas ...

I almost wasn't going to go. Migraine hangover and all. But I felt good enough this AM to get up and ready, and told Linda I'd be there for a short time ... mostly to photograph their adventure, and to have a nice visit. I really like these gals, and love spending time with them.
But then, it just wasn't in the cards. (pun intended, of course). The other two ladies had to cancel at the last minute, so it's OFF.

Which means - I now have - A FREE DAY.

So, I want to ask you:

IF YOU FOUND A "FREE DAY", how would you treat it? Like a gift? Like a challenge? Would it be a problem for you? A relief? Would you pick up your knitting? Would you open up your sewing machine? Visit the Library? Read a book. Buy a magazine and devour it, cover to cover?
(please; I so love comments on my blog posts).

As for me, I'm going to sort thru over 200 photographs from Trevor's baseball game on Sunday; and I'm going to share some of the SAT game and SUN game photos with Kristi, and she can share with the other parents of those amazing kids -- later today.

I am also going to put together 8 to 10 more SCRAPBOOK PAGES to be scanned and then printed by Dusty. Why are we scanning and printing pages? I can't tell you ... yet. It's a surprise!

I'm also going grocery shopping, and I can then spend time in my MAS -- My Art Space. I guess saying "my MAS" is ... redundant. I have to learn to say ... I can spend time in MAS.

MAS: My Art Space .. it's calling me .. "come play .."

And by the way - last evening I read a book, COVER TO COVER, in under 40 minutes. Very intriguing story-line, very inspiring CONCEPT, and a rather creepy mystery! Loved it. It's called JOURNAL: The Short Life and Mysterious Death of Amy Zoe Mason. Check it out at Barnes and Noble here:

Thanks to Victoria for discovering it and sharing this with me ...

So that's it, friends. I'm off to the post office and the bank, and to Trader Joe's and Henry's and Vons. I'm going to sign up ( I think ) for a PAINT-OVER TECHNIQUE workshop with artist Lisa Bebi that's happening on the 27th ... you can check that out here, if you're interested:

Jack, by Lisa Bebi

taking your original photograph, and painting over it ...
I'm going to ENJOY MY FREE DAY. I hope you enjoy your day, too.
-- Davielle

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