Sunday, June 21, 2009

Feelin' Retro, Feelin' Groovy

Okay, so a little flashback now and then never hurt anyone; right?
I got one of those emails this week that is supposed to remind us, I guess, of just how good - the old days really were. You know the ones I mean, don't you?
So I couldn't help 'borrowing' some of the photographs from said e-mail ... forget 'copyright' and all that, 'cause goodness only knows WHERE these images came from. They've made their way around the universe like a gabizillion times, I'm sure.

Ready to flashback a bit with me? Here you go:

fixin' apple pie with Granny. my childhood revisited? NOT.

my Italian grandmother, she lived nearby but what she made was the most delicious Saffron (yellow) Rice, and the best Danish Delight {okay, so you only add water and heat on the stove and chill - still - hers was the BEST} dessert. my mother's mother, my Nana, she lived in New Jersey, so we didn't get together often, and we SURE didn't make pies when we did.
AS FOR TODAY, me, I peel core and yes, even slice, MY apples with my handy-dandy APPLE PEELER-CORER-SLICER from ... The Pampered Chef. it's a rocking handy tool to have on hand; oh yes it is.

so how many of you got FLUFF as a child? not me !!! heck, once I got into Jr High and wanted to make those tasty Rice Krispie Treats, I had to use mini marshmallows - no jars of FLUFF for me, no sirree. fortunately (?) for my youngest "grand", FLUFF has found its way into her mother's pantry, and she likes hers with ... peanut butter, on a sandwich.

and then - the Hula Hoop. of course I dressed like these maidens when I did this as a child. you betcha! how wicked-cool are those outfits?!

AS A LITTLE TIME-TRAVEL UPDATE, here is my middle "grand", Kiara, exhibiting HER Hula Hoop talents just last weekend ... she can Hula Hoop AND text message a friend at the same time, while entertaining a handful of friends at her birthday party! is THAT talent, or what?!

And speaking of talent ...

I do believe these are from vintage episodes of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE ... what do you think?

I mean, look at that smooth move. how are her panties not showing?!

For a little TIME TRAVEL reality check, view these YouTube clips of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, circa ... present time.

So far this season, and it's early on yet, THIS samba by Kayla and Max {who has now been sent home ... Max, that is} .. was HOT HOT HOT. take a look:

And last week, Jonathan and Karla did the most beautiful dance to a very romantic, very moving love song .. FALLING SLOWLY .. this SO gave me chills:

Okay, humor me ... just one more ... Jeanette and Brandon did a DISCO number {yes, I said DISCO number ... can u believe it?!} that was insane -- there is a lift near the beginning - you'll know it when you see it - that just takes your breath away. WOW.

Well, that's all, folks. I hope you enjoyed this stroll down memory lane, as well as the flash-forward moments to the SYTYCD clips. :-)

-- Davielle on a Sunday night

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