Sunday, June 21, 2009

SHOP Solvang and VISIT Buellton, Los Gatos, etc.

Two weekends ago {it seems forever ago, already}, we were in Buellton and Los Gatos and Solvang for a quick getaway. Mark and his bike, me and the car. :-)

Just wanted to give a quick shout out to a few places that we (I) discovered while up there:

SUNRISE COFFEE HOUSE ... "Brewing Happiness Daily" ... in Buellton. Yum.

QUILTS GALORE & MORE ... in Solvang ... where I found the perfect quilted placemats & matching cotton napkins for our breakfast nook at home.

and PICKET FENCES: Home and Garden ... in Solvang ... where I visited with Leanne, picked up some very cool little things for our home, and a wonderful "tag" style necklace for myself. LOVED this shop.

So there you go ... oh, and we had a most wonderful dinner on Sunday night at BALLARD HOUSE (Inn and Restaurant).

And we had a wonderful night's stay at HADSTEN HOUSE in Solvang ... where breakfast is included with your room rate. A FULL breakfast, by the way, not just a muffin & some coffee. They do it RIGHT.

-- Davielle

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