Monday, June 8, 2009

The Writing on the Wall

okay, so it's writing on a ROCK ... still, we should all be counting our BLESSINGS before we go to sleep each night and when we begin each new day. I know I am !!!

Inspired by a guest blogger post that Kelly Rae Roberts did recently at SuperHero Journal { }, I am posting some images today that I took over this weekend ...

Oooh, I'm having a major deja vu moment here ... time out.
Wow. It's so cool when that happens, yet, strange ... and it happened to me up here yesterday, too. {is there some deja vu prone vortex in the area?! LOL}

Okay - phew.
So, the question is:
{and if so, what are they saying?}

this says to me: it's OK to have large feet !!!
as seen in the window at Rusack Winery, 6-6-09

is there someone you should be giving flowers to; to warm their heart?

need help with something? or is there someone you feel a need to reach out to? make that call !!!

have you always wanted to learn to play the piano? or the flute? or the guitar? JUST DO IT !!
worn out? ready for a vacation? PLAN ONE !!!

and this - this. an ear tag. # 212. THIS is my "cow a day" and I just love her.

I hope you've enjoyed the WRITING ON THE WALL {and the rock, and the ear tag} ... and if one of these SPOKE to you, I sure hope you'll leave a comment and share what's on your mind or in your heart.

-- Davielle

counting my BLESSINGS, and signing off from Solvang - headed for home !!!

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