Monday, June 1, 2009

Owlet Update

Well, my friend Victoria and I had quite an exciting evening watching the owls -- unfortunately, NONE of the photos that I took on Friday night came out worth a darn.

However, the shots I caught last night (Sunday, the last day of May) are "okay", and worth a quick post here.

Mark and I were quite surprised to see two of our owls (not sure if two owlets, or a babe and a parent ... so hard to tell from such a distance & in the dark) LAND ON THE BLUFF -- and how cool is that CA native shrub, whatever it is? it's silhouette looks like a violinist sitting, his back rounded to the left, facing the owls (to me, anyway - is it my migraine meds 'seeing' that !!???)

You'll have to keep in mind -- it was WAY DARK OUT, and my camera is just a Canon G9 -- so not capable of a lot of zoom, and not capable of great night shots --- I do have the most success using the ISO setting, which is meant for the inside of museums where you need a lot of light AND you can't use a flash.
how cool is this? one of them taking flight !

here we have ONE on the "power box" (closer to the pole) and one that just brought dinner (so, presumably a parent) sitting on the wire

These ALL had to be "edited" -- they have been cropped, they have had their brightness, contrast, and some even the color -- adjusted. But I don't have PhotoShop, so they're not all that great.

owl moved OFF power box and onto wire ...

Still, they're a testimony to our Great Horned OWL BABIES and their parents, and we're pretty stoked !!!
Thanks for following our owls - I know that a lot more of you read these posts than comment, 'cause I get e-mails about the owls and how cool you think the posts & photos are ... I sure wish you could comment on here ... bloggers LOVE comments, you know :-) !!!
-- D.

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