Thursday, June 11, 2009


"However confused

the scene of our life appears,

however torn we may be

who now do face that scene,

it can be faced,

and we can go on to be whole."

-- Muriel Rukeyser

Taken out of the book TRANSITIONS from well-known and beloved author {of all things creative, particularly as it relates to our own creativity and our spiritual self}, JULIA CAMERON, comes this ...

'Spirit understands adversity as opportunity. Spirit is able to work for the good in all things. As I encounter difficult transitions in which I doubt the good which is unfolding, I remind myself there is a higher plan in motion with which I can consciously cooperate. As I face my resistance to change, as I choose to align myself with events as they are unfolding, I find in my acceptance a sense of tranquility, a promise of safety. Change embraces me as I myself embrace change.'

Just going through all the {physical/health, and emotional} changes I've been experiencing lately has been a challenge -- let alone, trying to figure out ... what to do next; which doctor is going to be able to help me address these issues; will I have to give up my newfound passion of working with acrylic products {for art work}; how to live up to the expectations my husband and my children / grandchildren have of me; can I truly embrace 'not working'?; will I ever feel well and truly good, ever?

With one daughter in college and supporting her two children on her own, and another daughter working hard to support herself and her daughter, and with the third daughter a recent college graduate and about to go away this summer for training with her new employer ... our family IS in a lot of TRANSITION situations, too.

TRANSITION moments can last just that: a moment. They can also last hours, days, weeks, months, years. Each one is an individual opportunity for change, and growth, and can be faced with a strong set of values and a steady bedrock of faith ...

For any and every one going through any sort of life transition right now - I'm with you. I feel your pain, your confusion, your excitement, your sadness, your strength and your struggle ... I'm right here with you. Facing these times together allows us to feel not so alone, and to grow stronger and more resilient ... as friends. It's all about 'community' in the end, anyway; right?

-- Davielle

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