Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dogs ... ya gotta love 'em ... ya gotta PHOTOGRAPH 'em

I had so much fun yesterday, not just with my friends (Jane, Ann, Willie, Chris) -- but also taking photographs (with owners' permission, of course) of all the dogs I saw during the day.

my God-Dog Daughter, NINA

Jane and I started at Starbucks in the morning --

And we made friends with CONNIE (dog) and her 'mom', Annette -- Jane & Annette had SO much in common, including the fact that they are taking the exact same Princess Cruise in July, only in reverse. Small world.

and this is CONNIE

she is SO soulful

and such a love ...

Jane and Nina with Annette and Connie (above)

and I fell in CRAZY love with Giovanni, the Italian Greyhound

isn't he photogenic?!

My daughter and granddaughter (and I) all recently read HOW TO STEAL A DOG.
I'm just saying :-). (and honestly, I am just kidding, too! but Gio, you are so handsome!)

And then, along came this darling GOLDEN DOODLE, and I think his name is ... Cooper ???

So dang cute ...
And then this guy says, from behind me, "mind if I sit next to you?" ... as I turned to say "of course not", I recognized our friend, Mr. Olympian, STEVE HEGG.
back in his heyday ... on his time trial back ...
And fast forward to 2006, when Steve was one of our cycling celebrities at WHEELS OF WONDER for CCI ( )

And then I had lunch with Ann, Willie, and Chris at Beach Grass Cafe ...


Willie kissing on America as Ann looks on ... and as Chris and I say ...
"there is NOTHING ridiculous about loving & kissing on a dog. nothing. not ever."

What a day!
But this, THIS handsome guy - this is who I get to wake up to each day. Isn't he the best?

my Sure Grip Quail Oaks Rock Star (aka, ROCKY). paws crossed. a pose I haven't seen on him pretty much ... ever. 2 mornings ago.
-- Davielle

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