Friday, June 5, 2009

Bernie Berlin and A PLACE TO BARK: an update

An update, my friends, on the much-needed work that artist Bernie Berlin is doing for animals in need ... she has a strong message: Please SPAY / NEUTER your pets. PLEASE!

the beautiful BERNIE BERLIN of A PLACE TO BARK animal rescue in Tennessee (and author of the amazing book, THE ARTIST TRADING CARD WORKSHOP)

A PLACE TO BARK is Bernie's rescue facility in Tennessee -- her tireless work on behalf of hundreds of dogs and cats each year is inspiring and if you get to know her and her work, it is overwhelmingly beautiful. She is full of love, spirit, generosity, energy, devotion & dedication to her cause. PLS read the press release by clicking on this link to see what the ANTI-CRUELTY SOCIETY in Chicago has to say about Bernie's work:

If you are so moved to make a contribution, however large or small, to support Bernie's work at A PLACE TO BARK, you can find a DONATE button in the sidebar of my blog. Please do it, if you can spare a buck or a hundred. ;-)

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DH 2Travelers said...

we heart Bernie. xo - Davi and Mark and Rocky