Thursday, October 30, 2008


Friends, it is still Breast Cancer Awareness month until ... tomorrow. Join me in celebrating HEALTHY WOMEN by ... thinking Pink.

If you have not yet made a donation to support Breast Cancer research, you can click on THIS LINK to donate on behalf of my friend Linda Dreyfuss, who is walking in the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3 Day in SD on Nov. 21-23. If you would like to support her in this event, you can donate on line:
go to donate now
type in her name
(Linda Dreyfuss)
double click on the SD event (she is also crewing in AZ the week before) to reach her web page.

You can also cheer along the way (any kind of distraction while walking 60 miles is wonderful). The walk starts at the Fairgrounds on Friday morning and follows the coast, finally going “inland” to Petco Park for the closing ceremony on Sunday. You will be able to get more details on the route just before the event by going to

Meanwhile, here are some more PINK ideas that might just be your

CUP OF TEA (china is English Rose Pattern by Royal Patrician):
"At your wit's end in the kitchen? Check out easy recipes from the culinary counselors at WWW.PINKMAGAZINE.COM ."

Want an idea RIGHT NOW? This, from the pages of PINK (Nov 2008) :

BARBARA FAIRCHILD, editor in chief of Bon Appetit, swears by fresh ingredients and blends of sauces that can embellish {I JUST LOVE THE WORD "embellish", don't you?!} almost any meal quickly. 'Olive oils, vinegars, salsas, mustards," she says. 'You can dress anything - red meat, fish, chicken - with these.'

And here's one more from the pages of PINK:

MARIA McBRIDE, wedding style director at Brides and author of Party Basics for New Nesters (HarperCollins, 2008), has a go-to recipe in her Salsa-tini. 'It's just chopped salad, but you present it beautifully, in a martini glass, making it fun and accessible," she says. {now doesn't that sound easy - and special?}

For you SHOPPERS out there -- some PINK ideas for your pets to brighten your (and their) world:
okay, you with the GIRLY dogs out there - how cute is this PINK crystal dog bone "charm" ??? {it does come in clear, blue, and maybe one other color - all, through }
And if you have to just SEE IT to BELIEVE IT, how darn cute is it - for real?

After a nice long walk with your pooch, or a snuggle with your kitty, how about treating them with TREATS from this oh-so-couture (that's JUICY COUTURE) Jar (also from Nordstrom):

And if doggy-dog got a little rambunctious in the puddles or the mud, there's always Kiehl's FOR YOUR DOG Shampoo {again,}

Faithful readers, that's about all the PINK I can muster up this morning, as I have to run Dad down to the VA for some blood work (routine stuff).
OH, there is one more thing. If you haven't seen the Audrey Hepburn movie FUNNY FACE (her co-star? Fred Astaire!) -- SEE IT. There's an entire "Think Pink" scene that I just adore -- it sooooo reminds me of my mother, and her days as a Fashion Show Coordinator (although in the movie, it's about a Fashion Magazine). ANYWAY - KEEP THINKING PINK, friends & family. If you're due for that MAMMOGRAM - go 'n get it!
-- Davielle

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