Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dishes as Therapy

And who wouldn't want to do DISHES with backsplash tile that's as cute as those hand-painted-from-England tiles?!

I've always always always considered hot sudsy water to be really 'therapeutic' - now if I could just get as into the Zen of, say, scrubbing floors, we'd be in terrific shape.

Here's to YOUR therapeutic household chores, whatever they might be -- care to share? POST A COMMENT (puh-leez, post a comment ... sometimes I think - no, I KNOW - that Ann is my most loyal and just-about-only faithful blog reader - LOVE YOU, Ann !! and heck, she HAS to read my blog, 'cause she STARTED me on this venture :-)!)

Anyway - tell me YOUR fave task. I thank you for caring enough to share.
-- Davielle


ann said...

i can't think of a single one - maybe something will come to me in the middle of the night.
oh i do like the feel of freshly washed sheets.

Amanda said...

I love to vacuum with our Dyson. There is just something amazing about the amount of dog hair that thing can suck up.

PS... I've lost your email address. We reformatted our computer and about half my contact list has disappeared. Can you email me again?

Thanks for your comments on my blog too... hopefully we'll have a baby to share on there soon!

2Travelers said...

Oh yes, FRESH SHEETS - there's nothing quite like that first night in 'em, is there?
And VACUUMING - there is the "instant gratification" aspect to vacuuming, isn't there?
I do like the Zen of ... laundry - the way they go in dirty, come out clean, like magic. And the scent of laundry detergent, and especially of Bounce dryer sheets; oh, and DOWNEY fabric softener - and have you ever smelled DREFT for baby clothes? It's near-heavenly. KEEP THE FAVE HOUSEWORK TASKS coming ...