Monday, October 6, 2008

GE = "go elsewhere", in our book

Okay, so I intend(ed) to keep my blogspot full of family doings, happy things, that kind of gig. Right?

But have you ever been so disappointed in a product and/or the service (in this case, the utter lack thereof) that you just HAD HAD HAD to "tell the world"?!

That's where I'm at right now. You'll shortly know why they call me the long-suffering, patient one ...

4 1/2 years ago, when our house was completed, in came the appliances - all brand new. We were so looking forward to life with our Dacor cooktop & double wall ovens (LOVE them, to this day, by the way) and with our bright new GE Monogram 42" side-by-side refrig/freezer.

FIRST disappointment? The interior dimensions of both sides -- impossible to freeze a turkey any larger than 10 pounds; and as for keeping a lasagna pan in the fridge -- GOOD LUCK! One has to clear an entire shelf, and then light candles & send up prayers that the pan isn't too deep (going EITHER direction) for the GE to handle. Okay, so we didn't do enough MEASURING homework prior to the purchase. Our bad. We can live with it.

SECOND disappointment? That the "cooling" (and I use the term very loosely) system for both our refrigerator / freezer just didn't work right - from Day One. Called for Service. They came out within one month of move-in, and replaced some quirky thing and going forward, our "Shallow Hal" (isn't that a cute name for a shallow appliance?!) begrudgingly trudged along, MOSTLY keeping our food cold -- but randomly, every few months or so, WARMING UP to the point that food had to be tossed out.

Each time, we chalked it up to -- bad luck; a 1/2 hour power outage here & there that could have messed with the system; maybe a door had been left a smidge 'loose' and didn't seal correctly. Whatever, we always made excuses for it ... and re-shopped, re-stocked, and life went on.

THIRD disappointment? In myself, for not calling GE each and every stinking time the appliance failed to perform up to minimum, reasonable standards. {by now, you can tell that I am an extremely 'understanding' human being, one who doesn't want to "bother" anyone unnecessarily .... OK, so you can now officially call me CRAZY}

FOURTH disappointment? THIS is the biggie - the one you're dying to read {I can just tell}. The GE CARES motto. It just ain't true, folks, it just ain't true. Since the beginning of September, we have had NO RELIABLE REFRIGERATION / FREEZER. Imgaine. Almost a full month now, and five service calls later -- we're still where we started, only MAD AS A WET HORNET. Two weeks ago today -- we had a service appointment. I sat here, twiddling my thumbs, and mid-way thru their appt window, I called GE to check on their arrival status -- and guess what? GUESS freaking what?! They informed me that "the appointment has been re-scheduled to tomorrow". WHAT WHAT WHAT?!!! And nobody called ME, the customer?

But guess what? guess WHAT? TODAY - they did it to me again. Yup. Only this time, I was not paying attention, CALL ME CRAZY, and at 11:40 am, during our 8 am - Noon WINDOW, I called - TO BE TOLD that -- guess what? THEY HAVE CHANGED THE APPOINTMENT, MA'AM, TO TOMORROW. Oh my crazy self, WHAT?! and NOBODY called us.

GE = Go Elsewhere. As fast as you can, as soon as you can, just GO ... elsewhere.

I cannot recommend GE to my design clients; nor to friends; and I wouldn't even recommend them to my enemies. NOBODY deserves to be treated like this - with utter disregard for our busy selves, without regard for Mark's training regimen which involves - call us both crazy - EATING PROPERLY. GE does NOT NOT NOT "care" about anything that would make the consumer ... happy.

There -- that's my official rant against GE and all they stand for.

OH, BUT THERE IS THIS: if you do get messed up by GE, they have their own Insurance Co, ELECTRIC INSURANCE, and they DO care, and they tell me -- "we're hearing these stories more and more - every day, in fact - now." TAKE HEART if this happens to you -- you can get reimbursed (it's paltry, but still ...) for FOOD LOSS -- and they are sending us reimbursement for THREE INCIDENCES of food loss -- at $150 each -- which hardly buys a refrig/freezer 1/2 full of foodstuffs, BUT STILL - it is something. So that's my YOU ROCK, ELSA for today. {Elsa is the darling that helped me - fast, painless, and if that check comes when it's supposed to - Elsa gets GODDESS status}

OK, now I am done.
-- D.

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