Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What's in a Name?

Should I re-name my blog? In case you've forgotten what it's under, it's currently "DH2travelers" -- and it's only that because the day I thought I'd look into just what is involved in creating one's own blog, it caught me by surprise, how quick & easy the process really is - getting started, that is. So I grabbed my initials and a cute nickname for Mark and I and voila! that's where "DH2travelers" came from.

But it doesn't "say" anything ... about who I am, or what I'm about, or what my blogspot is about. So my question (and it's a compound one!) is this:

SHOULD I RE-NAME THIS BLOG? Something more personal? Something cute & catchy? Something more descriptive?

IF YOU THINK I SHOULD CHANGE THE BLOG NAME (ie, web address), do you have any suggestions? I'm all ears ...

Thanks for getting involved in this process -- I sat there last night, watching "DWTS, The Results Show" (and after that, ELI STONE, episode two) and I kept jotting down ... random thoughts and ideas for just this subject.

Looking forward to hearing from more than 1 or 2 of you on this ...

-- D.


ann said...

no - then i'll have to change my google reader.
think it's a fine fit.

Francia said...

No Davi. I like it the way it is. You and Mark are the travelers. It opens the door for you to share your travels with us.
Love you,
Your sister Francia