Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pretty in Pink - reprised

Okay, so I can't resist ... yes, it's ANOTHER "think pink" post, and ON THE SAME DAY, no less. Sorry. Too bad. It's a worthy message, and besides, it's just ... GIRLY. I like that. You gotta like that. 'kay? Okay.

I figured items for your PETS might've been a little too "limited" earlier today, so here I give you Pretty Thoughts for You, my girls.
For those who like to wear BLACK an awful lot {which I believe can be a good thing, as anyone who's seen my wardrobe will attest}, give yourself that needed POP of color with this little pretty - a Pink Poppy Clutch from Talbots.
Or how about a PUNCH of color ... at your feet? {again, Talbots}

For anyone wondering just how Pretty in Pink {Molly Ringwald was darling in that movie, don't you agree?} the ever-famous BARBIE might be, take a look-see:

Is Gwyneth more your style? This is one of my all-time favorite OSCARS looks - ever:

Barbie's got NOTHING on Gwyneth -- need I say more?
And then ... there's Audrey. I've always been crazy for Audrey, but no more than when I discovered that she, too, had a penchant for Rat Terriers. Yes, the inimitable Audrey Hepburn had ... the same kind of dog I do, only she had MORE of them at any given time than I can ever hope to {especially since Rocky told the 'animal communicator' that he LIKES being 'an only pet'}. Don't believe me that Audrey can ROCK the PINK?
OKAY, so it's a BLACK dress. But thrown against that PINK background, this poster is terrific. Don't you think?
All right, I might be done with all this pink stuff. For now.
-- D.

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ann said...

I think PW is starting to wear off on you - you're getting sooo creative and your writing either makes me chuckle or think - both good things!
Thank you!
I'm always delighted to check my google reader and see that you've added a new post.
You brighten my days!