Sunday, October 19, 2008

101 Ways to GET A LIFE ...

... How to be HAPPY no matter what's happening. Yes, friends and loyal blog readers, that is the title of a book by Pat Farrell (you can visit her website at for more info). What's it about, you might be asking? From a reader of said book, comes this:

"Happiness is available right here, right now and it is a choice! In 101 Ways to GET A LIFE you will discover how to recognize and prioritize your own values and beliefs leading to your fulfillment. You will recognize your personal passion that leads you to your path, your life's purpose and to finding your own happiness... whatever that means to YOU!"
It's a wise book, full of great uplifting & encouraging "isms". And it's all organized in ALPHA order, something that makes my little word-loving heart go pitter-pat. Heck, I highly recommend this book to any and all that are in need of superb one-page treatises on such life-supporting topics as Authenticity; Boundaries; Compassion; Dignity; Enjoyment; Fulfillment; Gratitude; Harmony; Intimacy; Joy; Knowledge; Laughter; Mastery; Nature; Optimism; Peace; Quiet; Relationship; Spirituality; Trust; Understanding; Vulnerability; and Worthiness (to name quite a few!).
Okay, so why am I blogging about this book, and this topic, tonight?
Because I recently had dinner with the girlfriend who gave me this book way back in 2002. It seems to me that even WAY BACK THEN, this particular friend thought I needed to ... GET A LIFE. You see, what I originally and up-until-this-week I had always viewed as a most loving, interesting, supportive gift -- I now view as her opinion of me and ... OH NO ... my blog.
Because she told me, in front of our other friend, how she NEVER reads my blog - she is "too busy" and she "receives too many e-mails" to be bothered ... with my blog. Basically, the way I took that, she is too busy to want to know what's happening in my world.
Okay, I can honor that. But to tell me to my face? THAT took major courage, didn't it? Now that's a friend who is comfortable with themselves, isn't it. Something to aspire to?
I don't know.
It sure hurt my feelings when she said it.
BLOGGING isn't for everyone, I get that. I'm okay with that. But when someone in the family sends me a kind, loving message like THIS one, received just this morning ...
"It’s a good idea putting your blog www as a header to forwarded mail. I get so busy I hardly have time to scratch. So a gentle reminder of our family out there sharing with us is a GOOD idea. I especially enjoy your book tips and quotes."
OR this one, from my sweet sister (ok, so she might be a bit biased), received just two days ago: "Davi, I read your blog. So does Barbara. It keeps her close to our family. Davi, you have a gift from God. You are creative, witty and funny. I love you."
Or THIS one, from a dear friend: "Your blog spot is wonderful.....very impressive. You are so talented I bookmarked it so I can look at your updates."
I just get all warm & fuzzy inside, reading those kind messages.
So to the friends who might think it's BORING for me to have a blog, that's okay -- but please, before you tell me (or anyone else) what you REEEAAALLLYYYY think of their very personal, creatively expressive way to STAY IN TOUCH with their loved ones ... think twice. Your words just might hit a soft spot and - ouch! - be hurtful.
Signing off, yours in taking care of each other's feelings, which can oft be tender (on their best days),
-- D. (call me a baby, I'm still wearing the bandaids on those sore spots)

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