Thursday, October 16, 2008

Does anyone read my blog?

Somehow, I feel like I need a "gimmick" - something I am known for, other than my charm, wit, my effervescent sense of humor, my giving nature ... because I just don't think anyone reads my blog.

You are probably thinking to yourself (if you're even READING this entry) "who does she think she is? does she think it's all about HER?" -- and you would be -- right. And yet, wrong.

In it's basest sense, YES, a Blog is -- all about (fill in the blank with the blog author's name). But isn't that the point? So that friends and family can KNOW (or get to know) what that person is all about, and what they're up to?

See my quote, friends, in the left-hand column - the quote from John Muir. For me, it is the perfect way to express -- why I blog. To stay CONNECTED. So you see, I can also argue that it's not all about ME, but it's about wanting to stay connected to ... YOU.

And - it's a way that I can comfortably express myself. I don't work, and right now, I'm not involved with any particular "committees" in the community. So I am not getting that "involved" feeling. You might ask why I don't just re-up with one of them, then. Well, for a number of reasons. It is time to take a break from DOING and work on -- myself, my home, my marriage. Although some might argue that it all sounds quite, I don't know -- selfish?

But when you really, really think about it -- is it selfish to put one's health and one's family - first? I don't think so.

My creative energies need restoration; my communication-with-my-family-and-especially-with-my-husband skills -- need a tune up. So -- call me selfish, but I'm working on THOSE priorities, and to help me maintain my sanity through it all -- I blog.

You might think I post too often to my blogspot. That's okay, you can think that. Heck I think it myself. But I do what I do, and it's my blog. If you want different rules, then maybe you should have YOUR own blogspot, too. It's a lot of fun - once you get rolling.

So please don't judge or criticize me for having a blog, but if you DO HAVE AN OPINION - like my photos or entries or content is -- boring? not cool enough? LET ME KNOW. I love a good interchange.

Our youngest "grand" has a birthday tomorrow - she's 9 - and so it's a BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION WEEKEND for us -- and I'm looking forward to it.

Have a great afternoon and evening, folks.
-- D.

Want a little peek at some truly ARTFUL blogging? I find Somerset magazines (all of their publications) to be incredible eye-candy, inspiring, beautiful - to digest and peruse and take ideas from. Check this one out:


Francia said...

I read your blog. So does Barbara. It keeps her close to our family.
Davi, you have a gift from God. You are creative, witty and funny.
I love you,
PS The cupping was a shock. Did it work and are you now cured?

2Travelers said...

Only a terrific sister (like mine) could say such reassuring & kind things - and the beauty is, I know that she MEANS what she says. What a blessing in my life, my sister Francia. To answer the question about being "cured" - not yet. I have been in a lot of pain (before & after the cupping) and just today I ran out to pick up some Arnica cream for my shoulders. A good friend, who suffers with fybromyalgia, told me that it's possible I, too,have FM - God forbid, but I suppose I have to look at the possibility. Yikes! Massage & things like cupping - can exacerbate the pain, instead of what most people experience, which is relief. SO time will tell. -- Davielle

fioria said...

I read your blog everyday, Davi. You are awesomely creative and intelligent. Thanks for sharing.


ann said...

Tell me more about the blogging mag!

I think more read than we know, but don't comment because it's a big process if you're not already a blogger.
I put sitemeter on just to get an idea - it usually runs around 63 a week. I wonder who those 63 are, but the not knowing is kind of fun too.
I was sooo proud of my mixwit tape with the sweet picture and got zero comments - not even from Lila's mom or my ever faithful commenter-you!