Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Acorn House ...

The whole Eco-Cooking / Slow Food movement is taking off ... I just got an email today from Bon Appetit with information on this new cookbook out of London, of all places -- THE ACORN HOUSE COOKBOOK. I am intrigued (although NOT NOT NOT making a purchase, least of all for another cookbook -- the shelves are already groaning under the weight of my CB collection).

See what YOU think:

'Nowhere else is it possible to feel quite so virtuous while stuffing yourself with the finest food and drink the planet has to offer.' -- ES Magazine

'eco-cooks listen up: if you want to know what's in season and how to cook it The Acorn House Cookbook is the perfect guide.' -- Square Meal Magazine

'The recipes are simple and delicious... It is a wonderful thing that we rediscover the joys of gardening and food cultivation.' -- New Statesman

Combining great food with environmental principles, this original cookbook presents a bevy of meals for those who love cooking and care about the planet. Each dish is designed to eliminate wasted ingredients and is oriented towards using fresh, natural, and environmentally friendly foods. Award-winning chef Arthur Potts Dawson draws on his experience at The Acorn House—a leading environmentally-conscience restaurant—to provide a wealth of information on identifying seasonal food, outfitting an eco-kitchen, and using sustainable cooking approaches and techniques. Packed with tips, useful advice, and an inspiring narrative, this innovative guide presents a culinary revolution that meets the environmental and culinary needs of the modern cook.

Arthur Potts Dawson meets Martha Stewart - I love it !!! I would like to take a peek inside these covers:

And if we ever get back to London (I hope, I hope), it would be nice to visit this restaurant ... ANYONE who likes Oak Trees enough to name their property 'Quail Oaks' should definitely eat at a place called Acorn House - right?

I can dream, can't I ???
-- Davielle

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