Tuesday, October 21, 2008


My stamping, scrapping, and crafting friends ... check this out!
I just discovered a new blog, TAYLORED EXPRESSIONS, by a darling gal in Pasadena, CA {one of our favorite places to visit, ever, anywhere) ... I was so taken with a card she had posted on her blogspot that I just had to share her blog address on my own! Sadly, I could not save the photo of her adorably BABY CARD featuring the "Diapers, Bottles & Pacifiers - OH MY !!" stamp, BUT I was able to save the image of the clever Stamp Set that it hailed from {see it above}.

Visit her blog and just scroll down to view the card in it's finished form for yourself - it's SO DARN CUTE :-) !!!

And here is her blog address: http://tayloredexpressions.blogspot.com/

I hope this Blog Posting finds you doing well, feeling creative, and enjoying this crisp Fall weather - it's definitely chilly tonight - I'm wearing a jacket with a cashmere scarf to Bible study tonight. Hey, what time is it? OOPS, gotta run !!!

-- D.


ann said...

You find almost as many ways for me to spend my limited income as I do!
very fun.

2Travelers said...

Sorry !!! I just can't help myself, it seems. ;-) Hope you found something cute & useful on her site? Inspiration, if nothing else. -- D.