Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The downside and the UPside of my morning

I'm posting this, this morning, 'cause I myself could use a little "pick me up". Dreading this doctor appointment, knowing I have to run upstairs and get dressed and be there for a 9 am ... and seriously NOT wanting to go - not today, not ever, not for this one. Doc says "it will be unpleasant" in my world = "this is going to be one miserable procedure". Hoping I am pleasantly surprised, though {okay, maybe that's a stretch, hoping for "pleasant" at the urologist's office}.

OOOOHHHH, I just got a call from our friend Chelsea, and she's at the hospital with her brand new baby girl and I can stop in to see her AFTER my appointment. Now THAT will make it all bearable. Yes, it will.

You see - one just has to ask, and God delivers.

-- Davielle

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dama said...

Thanks for the reminder that no matter how tough the trial...Our God is always in control. :-) I needed some encouragement today as well. This low iodine diet isn't much fun, but I'm learning creativity in the kitchen, ;-) Not easy for a gal who is culinary challenged! Call me soon and we can set a date for coffee? Judy