Tuesday, November 11, 2008

one tenth of the brain

YIPPEE for kids that want to go to college ... I'm all for supporting whatever choices our children (and 'grands') make, and today, it's all about GETTING EXCITED for another daughter to start the journey ...

"and to think that I'm only using one-tenth of my brain" {Ann Taintor}

I just love her stuff ... {Ann Taintor's, that is}

Right now, I am thrilled that my oldest daughter, Kristi, is considering a return to college to pursue a degree in education / sociology ... we're meeting with a counselor next week to discuss the options open to her and the best path for her to get started on.

Yippee-kay-ay !!!

She's always wanted to finish her college coursework, and she's always wanted to work in the social services field -- and she has always known just how critical it is for her to get back to school ... it's long been her dream, and I look forward to watching her achieve this goal.

-- D.

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