Thursday, November 13, 2008

your not-so-daily DO SOMETHING CREATIVE EVERY DAY reminder

Sometimes I lose sight of why I started this blog in the first place: TO STAY IN TOUCH WITH FAMILY and FRIENDS. Okay, so I think that's been a success to date.

Secondly, to ENCOURAGE OTHERS to DO SOMETHING CREATIVE EVERY DAY {don't you love that saying? It's the motto of Paper Source, }.

And where I find myself so often {too often?!} is in the realm of ... just jabbering.
I mean to stop that - if it's useless jabbering, anyway - and get back to FAMILY UPDATES and ENCOURAGING FOLKS TO BE / STAY / GET CREATIVE. I've always intended for my blog to be POSITIVE, and not negative, but ... I'm human, and I get down once in a while on things. Sorry!
From time to time, my "pet" causes will surface ... hey, I'm human ... and you'll just have to accept that, or skip those items. Deal? I am the first to admit: I have many interests and many causes that stir me up --
You all know how much I like to READ, and I can't help but share my thoughts on the books I come across ... this summer, I read the story of the legendary Secretariat and his groom, Eddie Sweatt ... it affected me deeply.
And I have lots of things that I just plain LIKE ... animals, esp horses ... travel, esp to Europe ... stuff like that. And Feel-Good Stories -- those are always fun to share. So uplifting.
Good day to you all.
-- Davielle

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