Wednesday, November 5, 2008


"How calm, how beautiful comes on
The stilly hour, when storms are gone!
When warring winds have died away,
And clouds, beneath the glancing ray,
Melt off, and leave the land and sea
Sleeping in bright tranquillity."
-Thomas Moore

The poem above by Moore speaks to how hopeful I am for America in the coming months and years ... I pray that we may become a 'land and sea, sleeping in bright TRANQUILITY'.

Some of you might recall that I recently posted a note about ECONOMIZING and such (Monday, Oct 27, if you want to check it out) ... it was titled "Financial Crisis Hits Home".

me 'n my Bunny Slippers, THANKFUL for all our blessings

So today, my friend Ann shared the new SUSAN BRANCH e-newsletter with me (don't you LOVE technology?!) and ... okay, first off, I was sad that I had signed up to receive them myself and hadn't got one of my very own ...

doesn't it figure that a woman as adorable as Susan (pictured above) has such a successful career ... creating lovely things? I think she's amazing, and SO talented ... but then, I wanted to grow up and be Tasha Tudor !!!

but then I just re-signed up and got on to READING her newsletter ... I was surprised and happy to read that SB wrote about many of the things I had written in that very blog post (10/27) of my own. Great minds DO think alike ... and here's proof:

Susan does a great job of putting LIFE into perspective, looking ahead to the most special holiday(s) season that is just about upon us ... take a look in her newsletter ... you might feel restored and hopeful, too. Heck, make some Hot Tea to Drink while you enjoy her stuff.

So then I was most happily surprised = I just love it when this happens = to see that Susan {we're on a first name basis now} had included a quote from an author that I discovered last year, when I was in & out of the hospital ... the late GLADYS TABER ... she of "Stillmeadow" fame ... I found my first GT book when I was old-book-store hopping with my dear friend Nancy {aka, The Empress} ...

a place like Stillmeadow Farm - this is the house - just HAD to inspire Gladys to write {and write, and write some more} - I mean, just LOOK at the place ... be still my heart ...

here's a link to the Taber/Stillmeadow website for you to poke around in:

Needless to say, all these coincidences just ... made me smile ...

For this morning, I'll leave you with this {also inspired by the lovely Susan Branch}:

"Oh for a book and a shady nook, either in door or out." -- John Wilson

That's all, folks ...
--- D.

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