Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lotsa Spots

It's a lovely Saturday, a bit cooler than this past week (thank God) and here on the coast, it's overcast - a bit. Perfect for making Christmas cards and a nice, homemade hot lunch.

At the risk of posting similar blog notes on this, as well as my other (brand-new) blogspot, I am going to refer you to the NEW SPOT right now for all-things-creative ...

From time to time, there will be cross-over, but for now you can take a look at: to see what I am up to in a creative vein.

I have a hysterically funny "post" to get up ASAP, from an e-mail from our old friend RD -- about what one's first colonoscopy experience is really like -- I found it to be oh-so-true, and I have to add -- EACH colonoscopy experience is JUST like the first.

Meanwhile, lunch is simmering and I have to get back to the kitchen AND the dining room, aka CHRISTMAS CARD CENTRAL. Just be sure you keep checking my blogspots (plural) to see what we're up to here in the household.


Happy weekend to you,


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