Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Okay, so I'm not that much of a TV watcher, but I was flipping around and came across the sitcom TWO AND A HALF MEN a few months ago and was pleasantly surprised when I recognized ... by his VOICE, no less ... Jon Cryer, of 1986 PRETTY IN PINK fame ...

Jon Cryer as Alan Harper on CBS' Two and a Half Men

You see, I really liked that movie, and I REALLY liked JC's character, Duckie Dale, in that movie - he was such the perfect friend to Molly Ringwald's character -

Cryer & Ringwald, PIP

Don't believe me?

Watch this clip from YouTube:

That is one of my all-time-favorite Movie Moments -- ever. Ever.
-- D.

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Francia said...

I LOVE DUCKIE!!!!! I can't tell you how many time Barbara and I watched "Pretty In Pink". More than I can count. That was a wonderful memory of me and my sweet daughter.