Monday, November 24, 2008

Herbs de Provence ROAST TURKEY

So here's a tasty sounding recipe from the fabulous CHUCK WILLIAMS of Williams-Sonoma fame {and, no doubt, fortune}:

How simple, yet tasty, does THAT recipe sound!?
Because I {sometimes, we} go to my brother and sister-in-law's home for Thanksgiving, we typically roast a turkey for ourselves a day or two AFTER Thanksgiving ... nothing makes the house smell yummier than a beautifully roasting turkey. Lots of butter is involved, I have to admit. But man, oh, man, does that bird come out MOIST and FLAVORFUL.
This year, I'm baking pumpkin pie {no, not from homegrown pumpkins; sorry to disappoint anyone who was hoping for messy-kitchen-with-pumpkin-guts-stuck-to-every-single-surface photos !!!} -- and I'm making my Davi's Famous Dressing. We don't stuff the bird in our family; we bake the dressing on the side. That's why we call it DRESSING and not Stuffing ... 'cause we don't STUFF the silly bird.
Our really delightful friend {and fortunately for us, our neighbor} Victoria is going to join us for Thanksgiving this year -- YAY !!!
Can't wait for Wednesday, the designated BAKING and FIXING OF THE DRESSING day. Victoria's making her father's killer Cheesecake here with me that day, too. I can't imagine it's going to make it to Thanksgiving entirely intact ... :-)
-- D
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