Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What does a Blogger IN MOURNING wear?

Black. Basic, basic black. I am disappointed over the Election results tonight, although closer to home, there is still hope for our City Council and the Propositions we believed so strongly in ... to come out on top. But the Presidential race is over and I am just as down as down can be ...

BUT HAVING GIVEN THIS SOME THOUGHT, AND HAVING JUST LISTENED TO President-Elect Obama's acceptance speech which ended a few minutes ago ... I HAVE THIS TO SAY: We must now get on with the business of LOOKING AFTER EACH OTHER and RESPECTING THE MAN THAT OUR COUNTRY JUST ELECTED TO BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Time to buck up and take the collective high road.

So THIS Blogger-in-Mourning no longer has to decide ... which BLACK evening dress would I be starving myself to wear when I take up heavy drinking {but won't that put the pounds back on - dang!} to get through the next 4 years? NO, there will be no drowning-of-my-sorrows. I've made my decision - I'm going to be a good sport about the outcome of this Election, and I'm going to ... dress in whatever color I want, because this IS America and we DO get to choose. We get to choose the level of grace we move forward with ...

Bodice, Vintage 50's Ballgown

Maggy London Bubble Dress (Nordstrom's)

Little Black Dress - Nordstroms

1950 Black Taffeta Gown

Which would YOU pick?


ann said...

If nothing else, you got me to laugh out loud!

Virginia Janet said...
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