Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Edith and Elizabeth ...

... two peas in a pod, back in the day.

If you read my post of yesterday, "Serendipitous Sunday", you might be curious to see a photo of my mother and my godmother -- Edith {mom} and Elizabeth {god-mom}.

I aim to please, and so I dug up a PHOTOCOPY of a photo that is my all-time favorite of them {not to mention, it's just about the only one I have of them together} --

Being the hi-tech {NOT!} girl that I am, I've photographed the photocopy and VOILA! Here, for your viewing pleasure, Elizabeth & Edith Share a Dress.
To clarify, Elizabeth is on the left {the stunning blonde} and my Mom is on the right {the lovely brunette}.

Mom's couturier, Jack Payne, had got the measurements obviously wrong on this one, and when the dress arrived at the fashion show, Mom and Liz both said "why, Jack, TWO women could fit into that dress!", and they proceeded to prove it. God bless the photographer who captured this moment ... each with a leg held up for full effect. Now Mom, Elizabeth, and Jack are in Heaven, having a good chuckle.

Yours in happy memories of wonderful family friends,

-- Davielle

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ann said...

I'm so impressed that your mother actually had a couturier!