Monday, November 10, 2008

the JAY has spoken

and "I'm gonna tell God how you treat me", is what he says.

whoa. them's strong words.
If you don't already garden for wildlife, I encourage you to visit the National Wildlife Federation site at for tips on Gardening for Wildlife ...

if this hummingbird at a Manzanita doesn't inspire you ... what would?!

Mark and I are both volunteers for NWF, within their Backyard Wildlife Habitat program -- which encompasses both private backyards (residential) and school & other public places habitats as well. It's a remarkable program, and gardening for wildlife has never been easier - the advent of all the Native Plant Nurseries -- nationwide -- has made it all so much more possible to DO THE RIGHT THING. Make appropriate-for-your-community plant choices, and the native wildlife will be fed, nurtured, protected, and right at home ... in YOUR yard. How cool is that?

Here in San Diego County, LAS PILITAS NURSERY rocks ... { }

And just up the road a ways, TREE OF LIFE NURSERY is out-of-this-world { }

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-- D.

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ann said...

where are you getting all your wonderful graphics?
AND why didn't you tell me about Paper Planet - I got to see some of your fabulous scrapbook pages plus the glorious invitation!!!