Monday, November 10, 2008

So yesterday, I went to see the movie THE CHANGELING (gritty, disturbing, and incredibly well acted by all parties - but be warned, it's based on a true story, and the subject is GNARLY). I wouldn't be surprised if Angelina Jolie gets a Best Actress nom for this one ...

During the previews, there was one for a movie coming out soon -- can't recall which one it was, although we did see previews for THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON (easily found their rating online; it's PG-13) and for AUSTRALIA, among others -- but what got my attention was that at the end of ONE of the trailers it said "this motion picture has been rated M, for Mature Audiences."

Right there, I knew they had me - I would NOT be admitted to a movie rated M under any circumstances, you know, because I still have a somewhat immature sense of humor and grown-up-edness about me. :-)

What I want to know - what I NEED to know - is this: just how is "M" defined, and in what country does it originate? Because, you see, the US motion picture industry does not show an "M" rating on its roster ... so I am confused.

I did find this explanation, though, from a New Zealand site:
"M = Suitable for mature persons over 16 years of age"

Given that the movie AUSTRALIA sounds like it would come from the general vicinity of New Zealand, one could just assume THAT is the movie rated "M", but I can't find proof of that, nor is my "logic", if you can call it that (logic), based on rational thinking. It's just a silly connection I've made between a movie title and that TITLE's geographic proximity to ... New Zealand.

You see why they wouldn't likely allow me into an M-rated flick?

At any rate, I have lost my keen Google skills, it seems, and I can't get an answer to my question.

WHAT is the "M" rating? Is it used here in the States? And WHAT new movie has that rating?

-- D.

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Francia said...

MAYBE you are MAKING too MUCH of this MOVIE rated M. We MIGHT want to go see if it's MADE the way we like. You MIGHT even want to go with ME!!!!!!
Your Mighty MATURE sister, Francia M. Clubb