Sunday, November 23, 2008

The MIGRAINE Brain by Carolyn

My e-inbox this morning included the daily "top stories from NPR" message, and lo & behold, I saw this story: An Exploration Of The Migraine Brain. So if you suffer from migraines, or know someone who does, PLEASE read the article (click on this link) and / or share it with someone who needs it.
Davielle thought you would be interested in this story: An Exploration Of The Migraine Brain from NPR
As a lifelong {since the age of 3} Migraine {and occipital neuralgia} headache sufferer, I can't use the word "SUFFER" ... enough. There is nothing like the pain of a massive headache, be it a Migraine or one caused by Occipital Neuralgia. When I say "nothing like it", I just about mean it -- I am sure there are exceptions, but like the girl in the interview who said childbirth didn't come close -- I agree, wholeheartedly. They didn't even HAVE epidurals when I had Kristi or Cara {they started using them at our hospital about 6 months after I had my youngest, Cara} ... and I did not have (or need) a saddle block {the old-fashioned way to do things!}.
Although I have taken a vow to not buy new books until I've read all the ones in my stacks, THIS BOOK is one that I am going to use a Barnes & Noble coupon to purchase - today. Which is saying a lot, given that I do not like to hear or read about stuff to do with headaches -- it's been a lifelong plague of mine, and the more time I spend LEARNING about them, the more time I seem to be "LIVING" the headaches. But THIS one, this one I will buy and I will read. I am sick of being ... sick.
By the way, I thank God all the time for not passing this insidious "disorder" {as I call it} on to my children or grandchildren. I would not wish it on my enemies, and I can't imagine seeing my offspring, and theirs, suffering like I have. It would tear me apart.
I don't want to go on & on about headaches on this Sunday morning, but I leave you with the book cover and the link to the interview with Carolyn Bernstein / excerpts from the book.
-- Davielle

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