Monday, November 3, 2008

Venice (Italy, NOT Beach)

So I just read in yesterday's San Diego Union-Tribune that visitors now find "St. Mark's Square a bit lonesome since officials passed an ordinance in April banning tourists and locals from feeding the pigeons that used to flock to the piazza by the thousands. (The birds filth was blamed for damaging the city's facades and monuments.)"

For those, incuding Mark, me, Kristina and Sierra, who once visited St. Mark's Square WITH the pigeons, visiting again will be ... interesting. Just imagine the contrast: THOUSANDS of pigeons {first visit} vs. SOUNDS LIKE NO pigeons {the next time}. Friends, IF YOU GO, please share a photo with me of St. Mark's Square -- sans pigeons.

Having read "Lucia: Venetian Life in the Age of Napoleon" (Andrea Di Robilant, author) earlier this year, I got a little nostalgic for Venice when I saw yesterday's Travel section of the paper.

I guess I can just continue to ... DREAM.

-- D.

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