Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Isn't that sweet? Motherhood can be so tender.

As a life-long horse lover {okay, so I've always loved ALL animals, but horses have been at the TOP of the list 4-ever}, it's hard for me to go too long in between ANIMAL-focused postings.

Today, I'd like to ask that anyone so inclined ... consider giving to organizations that serve our Equine friends ...

Not that I'm expecting birthday gifts this year {to celebrate my 50th}, but if anyone were to ASK me what I'd like ... THIS is what I'd be asking for ... contributions {in any amount} to organizations like the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary at

OR to Ever After Mustang Rescue in Maine at

OR visit the site for the Bureau of Land Management that features their work with wild horses and burros at

And thanks to my friend Vickie, I can add this one - After The Finish Line -

A group that provides financial support / rescue assistance for thoroughbred horses once they leave the track {and for everyone who knows my history with the Del Mar Race Track and the horse racing industry, you'll know right away why I am including this link}:

So - not that anyone's asking - but THAT's what I would consider a beautiful, meaningful gift.

Okay, so maybe not for me, but for ANYONE on your giving list that loves animals.

Please consider the horses this giving season.

I thank you.

-- D.


dama said...

Davi~ Check out this AWESOME program just outside of Nashville near the historic town of Franklin. I was privileged to observe one of the lessons this past Wed. where my sister volunteers. The horse/child connection is a beautiful thing, and these SPECIAL kids are amazing!
Thought you might enjoy this... judy

dama said...

sorry Davi, there should be a space after the web address :-( I'm not part of the website.
tee hee!!